Marketing for the New Guy on the Block

So I’ve been volunteering to help with marketing and social media activities for a new centre that opened near my old college. This has opened my eyes to perhaps a new side of marketing to me, marketing for a startup, rather than one that’s been running for years. It’s also given me some inspiration for […]

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Content Marketing: A campaign in a Video?

YouTube, a modern day director’s heaven where 100 hours of videos are uploaded onto the site every minute according to statistics released by the video sharing platform. An impressive figure, it’s only the first of many: – Over 1 billion YouTube visitors each month; – Each month, over 6 billion hours of videos are watched; […]

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A Brand That Never Goes ‘Out of Fashion’?

With evolving trends and lifestyles, it is increasingly difficult to capture the interest of fragmented audiences. Even the most trendiest, exciting, dynamic marketing campaigns fade in popularity over time and with social media, something potentially fascinating happens every minute every day. In most cases, branding comes second to the product itself, but it must be […]

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First post! Starting off with something sweet

As a fresh post to the blog, the best place to start is in the present. Returning from university for the summer and switching on the TV for the first time (uni house we didn’t have a TV), I noticed TV adverts much more and a recent Haribo campaign stood out. Research has shown audiences […]

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