First post! Starting off with something sweet


As a fresh post to the blog, the best place to start is in the present.

Returning from university for the summer and switching on the TV for the first time (uni house we didn’t have a TV), I noticed TV adverts much more and a recent Haribo campaign stood out.

Research has shown audiences often fail to recall any TV adverts that they had previously watched the night before. In the eyes of consumers who are exposed to a large number of advertising messages daily, humour can be a quick way of triggering an immediate reaction and if successful can be remembered in the long term. To cut through advertising clutter, using humour in adverts can be effective and consumers agree. Research by Lab42 revealed 71% of US consumers thought that humour used in adverts allowed them to remember products the best; educational was the second most popular choice (12%). Thinkbox, UK’s marketing body for commercial TV, revealed ‘makes me laugh’ was the most important feature of a successful advert according to respondents.

Suggestively, this may have led to the success of the Haribo campaign (created by creative agency Quiet Storm) which features two versions, one in a boardroom and another in a cinema. With the main concept as adults speaking with children’s voices, the advert was recognised as one of the most recalled adverts of the week in March 2014 according to marketingmagazine, and is therefore clearly a perfect case study of a succesful advert with a clever reference to the brand’s slogan: Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.



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