A Brand That Never Goes ‘Out of Fashion’?


With evolving trends and lifestyles, it is increasingly difficult to capture the interest of fragmented audiences. Even the most trendiest, exciting, dynamic marketing campaigns fade in popularity over time and with social media, something potentially fascinating happens every minute every day.

In most cases, branding comes second to the product itself, but it must be taken seriously. The branding is essential in making products heard; driving consumers to realise why they need that product. Why that product of that particular brand over another.

In rapidly changing environments, consumers (particularly young consumers) can instantly spot which brands have stopped giving off the trending vibe it once had.
Branding should therefore be simple enough to translate consistently all the way into the future. Afterall, simplicity never goes out of fashion so brands that can utilise this but add its own dynamic twist which makes it recognisable can be a success.

Business Insider in 2013 reported on an international study conducted by Siegel+Gale which surveyed more than 10,000 consumers across 7 countries to rank the best brands based on the simplicity of products, advertising and customer service of hundreds of brands. The report revealed that top brand of 2012, Google, ranked third in 2013 (Aldi took the top spot and Amazon was in second place). Brian Rafferty, Siegel+Gale’s Research Director, added simple branding can help with boosting sales as consumers are more likely to recommend simpler brands and are also more willing to pay more. Statistics in the report revealed consumers are at least 75% more likely to recommend brands which deliver simpler experiences and are more likely to spend at least 5% more on simpler brands. Although these figures are based on one study with emphasis on simple brands therefore results may vary in other studies, these results are quite encouraging for marketers.

In the example of Google, users appreciate its simplicity over other search engines. Users want a search engine that can make their lives easier so a clear search page which brings up results in a logical order is all we need. No ‘in your face’ advertisements either. Google understands this and often translates its simplicity across its marketing campaigns which also feature entertaining elements such as upbeat music. The same marketing messages and branding can be applied to other advertising mediums which makes the iconic brand instantly recognisable in the eyes of consumers.




Featured Image: Stefano Principato


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