Sharing A Bit of Happiness?

Happy brands. Are they effective at cutting through all the bad stuff around us? A happy campaign which caught my eye is of course the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola that I’m sure most of you have been exposed to. I’ve noticed that the bottles don’t just display popular names of Coke lovers, but […]

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Launch of the Facebook Save

Ever felt like there’s too much to do in too little time? Facebook has solved this problem. Only kidding, technology’s not got that far just yet. However, what Facebook has launched is Facebook Save, a new tool enabling users to save content that they wish to go back to¬† at some later point. Browse through […]

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I was once asked the question of whether I know what makes a good website a good website or what makes a bad website a bad one. It made me stop and think and also inspired my post today. The company website is essentially a digital face for your company, basically the first impression that […]

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Branding Through A Character?

During the 21st Century, we’ve seen a growing number of marketing campaigns in the UK that involve characters such as cartoon characters or animals. Vodafone with the animated bees, Comparethemarket with the meerkats, Argos with the aliens and M&Ms with their talking chocolates. It’s a smart way of engaging consumers through campaigns that are consistent […]

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Making You Want to Click

I recently read an article by Adweek (you can read the article using the link provided in the sources section) discussing the relatively new marketing tool – interactive digital video ads which brands have been experimenting with recently. Marketers have always been trying to engage with consumers and really do love it when they get […]

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