Making You Want to Click

I recently read an article by Adweek (you can read the article using the link provided in the sources section) discussing the relatively new marketing tool – interactive digital video ads which brands have been experimenting with recently.

Marketers have always been trying to engage with consumers and really do love it when they get a response from their audience as it shows that their messages have reached someone and that they are not simply ignored. Interactivity is appreciated, but how many ads have encouraged it? According to eMarketer in September 2013, various estimates have indicated that only around 10% to 30% of all digital video ads incorporate some kind of interactive component. This makes it interesting therefore to see the development of the real interactive digital video ads. What makes it really interactive, is that it’s not just a button that directs users to Facebook or Twitter, or a click or rollover button we’re used to seeing. These ads allow users to stop a video ad by hovering over it and the click of a button means an information box pops up conveniently (such as about the product displayed on the screen), which provide additional links to another web page, but only if the users wants to use it.

With this new marketing tool, brands can provide audiences with further information which also makes things easier for us as consumers to get information without much effort from our end. Everything we want to know we can now find out within a click on ads which is what these marketers have been trying to achieve. It was reported by Adweek that Fuisz Media in Calif have recently raised $2.1 million to develop the new technology and brands that are already interested include Kraft, Nike and Walmart.  An example is by Kraft, where the 15-second clip includes pop up information about both the brand and its products (click the first link to see for yourselves). A fun way of engaging the audience, this helps marketers reach consumers whilst making it easier for consumers to know what they need to know, simply by a pop up box.

Rather exciting and possibly increasingly popular, we should probably expect to see more of them soon.


Featured Image: Jared Tarbell


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