Launch of the Facebook Save

Ever felt like there’s too much to do in too little time? Facebook has solved this problem. Only kidding, technology’s not got that far just yet. However, what Facebook has launched is Facebook Save, a new tool enabling users to save content that they wish to go back to  at some later point. Browse through your News Feed and anything that catches your interest but you don’t fancy reading now, save and go back it later. Not to worry that you’ll forget to read it because it will sometimes pop up on your News Feed as reminders.

Items which only we can see (unless we share with friends of course) include links, places, TV and music according to the Facebook blog. The Save button will appear in the dropdown on the top right corner of each post and the link to the archive on the menu on the left of the News Feed.

Useful for those who lead busy lives, the Facebook Save is available to everyone on iOS, Android and the web. No excuses for missing important moments now!


Featured Image: Sean MacEntee


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