I was once asked the question of whether I know what makes a good website a good website or what makes a bad website a bad one. It made me stop and think and also inspired my post today.

The company website is essentially a digital face for your company, basically the first impression that people get of you. Whether it’s a customer who has heard of your name wanting to know more or a potential employee who wants to gain a better understanding into the nature of your business, people usually instantly visit your website first so there’s no time to waste with having a poor website that does not accurately reflect your brand.

I’m not an expert with website designs, but here’s a few ideas that I and research have come up with:

Putting it directly: Make your mind up (consistency)

An important feature of a strong website is its official appearance. By official, this could mean consistency with the font or layout of the webpages so it has an overall recognisable image. Afterall, you don’t want your visitors to think you’re still testing with your website design and simply can’t make your mind up.

Consistency doesn’t stop there. Language is also very important and should reflect your brand personality. Someone once gave me a tip that in preparation for an interview, always look at the language of the website because it’s a quick indicator of what the business is like. Basically, there’s no use in writing in a style fit for the royal family when your brand is really more on the fun, edgier side. OK that might be slightly over exaggerated, but the general idea still goes. Keep a consistent language throughout the website and you will be able to form a better connection with your target audience.

Stay forever young

With being young, it means being up to date with things, basically being cool. Even in many traditional industries, a modern brand image can cut through fierce competition, which should be reflected in the website design. For example, simply the use of social media buttons on your website can show customers you’re in touch with the modern world. It sounds silly, but many businesses that launch their brand on social media platforms forget that these are often the key mediums that customers use to contact businesses and so they should be frequently checked and updated.

Keep things fresh and regular

For your website to appear more often on search results, make sure to keep your website fresh with regular content as search engines love websites with regular content added.

Understandably, it can get slightly crazy if businesses update websites with frequent unnecessary content, however a good way to add regular content is by the use of a blog. Not only will this be useful for potentially raising your website rank on search results, this could build on your business’ wealth of knowledge. Blogs that focus on a particular relevant industry or topic area relevant to the business can strengthen customers’ trust and confidence in the business, in turn increasing the potential of a sale.

I’ve read before that “Attractive content is sharable content” which is very true. Give your customers something to read, share and therefore spread to wider audiences.



Featured Image: frankieleon


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