Co-creating marketing campaigns

Co-creation is cool. Outdoor advertising is also cool. So what happens when you blend the two together? It’s summer and being out and about it’s difficult to miss Apple’s recent ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign focusing on it’s mind blowing camera quality, especially its billboard adverts displaying a series of photos taken by iPhone owners.

For some, it’s difficult to believe brands through their adverts. It’s biased, but when you know someone who has tried the brand before, it’s okay right? That’s the beauty of co-creation when it comes to advertising – people are likely to trust ‘normal’ shoppers and brand enthusiasts are happy to be featured/listened to. In the case of iPhone’s campaign, it features a range of content created by ordinary iPhone users which comes across more like a community sharing their work.

People are attracted by pretty photos and with a new generation of work created by photography-enthusiasts breathing life into ordinary campaigns and showing it’s now possible with a smartphone, it’s unsurprising that it captures the attention and interest of so many people which makes this campaign work. Especially with the #shotoniphone hashtag, there’s plenty of content to sift through and if you ever find yourself browsing through this image bank, it proves that the campaign has successfully engaged consumers.

The simplicity of using the ‘Shot on iPhone’ line makes all these amazing photos seem possible for anyone to achieve and says as much about the quality of a product than a planned campaign with overly planned artwork that describes all the tech details about the product. Anyone interested in getting your photos featured as part of the campaign? TechCrunch have a handy post with tips.

As the saying goes, less is more (well in this case anyway).

Featured image: Emily Orpin


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