Co-creating marketing campaigns

Co-creation is cool. Outdoor advertising is also cool. So what happens when you blend the two together? It’s summer and being out and about it’s difficult to miss Apple’s recent ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign focusing on it’s mind blowing camera quality, especially its billboard adverts displaying a series of photos taken by iPhone owners. For some, it’s […]

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User Generated Content Driving Campaigns

So UK X Factor is back this year which is great, but it’s also back when I’m just about about to return to university where I won’t have a big TV to watch it on. Brilliant. But anyway, today’s post won’t be about the X Factor, but its sponsor, TalkTalk. The sponsorship reportedly reviewed for […]

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Introducing the Twitter Analytics Switchboard

Ever wanted to check how far your tweets go? Well you can now with the Twitter Analytics Dashboard, now available for all thanks to recent changes, hurray! Making things more measurable, individuals can now view their statistics which are organised under: Impressions The number of times users had seen the tweet on Twitter. Engagement The […]

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Job Hunting on Social Media

Years ago before the birth of social media, word of mouth was often a popular way for people to hear about job vacancies and was also useful for connecting recruiters with job seekers, but now social media has also been useful for job seekers. There’s a number of ways how social media can help job […]

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Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is quickly catching up as a powerful social media platform as people enjoy browsing through millions of pictures every day. Featuring similar tools to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram users can Like, share, comment and use hashtags on content and activity takes place much quicker – rather than reading the content, users can scroll through […]

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Sharing A Bit of Happiness?

Happy brands. Are they effective at cutting through all the bad stuff around us? A happy campaign which caught my eye is of course the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign by Coca-Cola that I’m sure most of you have been exposed to. I’ve noticed that the bottles don’t just display popular names of Coke lovers, but […]

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